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журнал Института истории Латвии, 2017 Nr. 3 (104)

• Anita Čerpinska. Women in the Families of Riga TradeAssistant Professions in the Course of Three Generationsin the 18th Century and the First Half of the 19th Century:the Case Study of Tomass Sēlis’ Family
• Kristīne Ante. The Religious and Socio-Political Contextfor the Establishment of rhe First Baptist Parishesin Courland
• Kaspars Zellis. World War I and Latvian Riflemenin the Collective Memory of Latvia
• Ilze Boldāne-Zeļenkova. The Invented Traditions: the Calendarof Festive Days and Family Customs in the Latvian SSR
• Mārtiņš Mintaurs. Protection of Architectural Heritagein the Latvian SSR (1945–1991): Ideological, Cultural andPolitical Aspects
• Leo Dribins. Contribution of Grigory Smirin in LatvianHistoriography

Tags: история

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